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PHocus on PHonology – The Why, What, and How of Phonological Instruction 

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Dr. Carol Tolman

Carol Tolman, Ed.D, was awarded a doctorate in Educational Psychology with a concentration in literacy and has been a consultant at the state, district, and school levels for over 15 years. Prior to earning her doctorate, Dr. Tolman was a classroom teacher and Special Educator with more than 25 years of experience in public schools at the elementary and secondary levels. She spent 12 of those years designing and implementing an innovative, exemplary reading clinic for academically challenged middle and high school students.

In addition to spearheading many successful, long-term literacy initiatives throughout the country, Dr. Tolman has published Working Smarter, Not Harder: What Teachers of Reading Need to Know and Be Able to Do and The Relationship between Teacher Knowledge and Effective RtI: When we Know Better, we Do Better (IDA Perspectives). Carol is co-author of LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) Presenter’s Kits, co-author of LETRS Modules 1, 2nd Edition, co-author of LETRS Module 10, 2nd Edition, and co-author with Dr. Louisa Moats of the LETRS 3rd Edition series of text and on-line supports for teachers of reading and spelling. Dr. Tolman has presided over the LETRS Leadership Board, created LETRS On-Line, and provides LETRS Trainer of Trainer (TOT) workshops to prepare others for the rigorous study involved in becoming a Certified Local LETRS Trainer. Dr. Tolman has presented internationally in China and Australia and is passionate about the importance of empowering teachers with the knowledge necessary to impact change for all children.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank our NHIDA branch members. Supporting you is one of our key missions. We were stunned when our fall conference sold out within seven days. Unfortunately, we had NHIDA members that were unable to attend, so we have developed a plan to help our membership get priority seating for our future events.

From this point forward, we will be having a “members only” registration week for our fall conference. Current members will be emailed registration information prior to our Constant Contact release to the general public. Only current NHIDA members will be able to register during this initial week-long registration period. If you want to take advantage of this, make sure your email address with the national office is correct and accessible; often school emails have filters.

Our longest running member is from the Keene area and joined IDA in 1967! This was when we were the Northern New England branch and our region was even broader! I joined IDA in 2002. The conferences I have attended during this period have been amazing and enabled me to bring so much more to my classrooms. Would you like to become a member of NHIDA? You have many options. Here’s a link to help you determine which membership level is best for you:

New Hampshire IDA serves Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. This is another challenge we are addressing. In 2018 we held a conference in Vermont; in 2019 we held a workshop in Maine and have one scheduled again in 2020. We are exploring ways to expand our reach. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to simulcast events, so we can reach a broader audience.

Aileen Cormier  

President – New Hampshire Branch of the

International Dyslexia Association

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