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We at NHIDA are happy to share a new initiative we call

READ for Parents

Beginning Wednesday 10/14/2020 NHIDA will host a free, one-hour Zoom session for parents every other month that focuses on a topic from the IDA Dyslexia Fact Sheets. If you don’t know about the fact sheets, be sure to check them out; they’re current, relevant, and full of great information. In addition to our board member panelists, each session will include a guest speaker with deep knowledge of the topic.


It is unfortunate that so many parents of children with dyslexia can share tragic stories of the years their bright, hard-working child struggled with reading due to inadequate instruction. On the flip side, it is heartwarming to hear how the lives of these families changed dramatically when structured literacy was initiated. At its core, direct, multisensory, rules-based reading instruction is diagnostic and prescriptive. No two children are the same; therefore, we need to look at strengths and weaknesses and customize instruction to meet the child’s needs.

I mention this with the pandemic in mind. The flexibility most clinicians assume daily in their role of providing effective instruction has served them well during distance learning. I would like to take a moment to offer sincere thanks to each teacher reading this letter. I realize firsthand how difficult and time-consuming it was to meet the needs of our students these past few months.

This has not been easy for parents and students either. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Jayne Beaton and her newsletter staff have added some excellent items to this newsletter to help ease your transition into the coming school year. In addition, our vice president, Brenda Peters will begin every-other-month zoom session specifically geared to parents starting in October – Dyslexia Awareness Month.

While my term as president of NHIDA winds down, I look at the changes in our world as well as our board. I’m thrilled to have welcomed so many talented, diverse members to our board these past few years. I’m confident that NHIDA will embrace the challenges the future holds and continue to support our branch and the communities we serve.

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