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The IDA New Hampshire Branch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit scientific and educational organization serving Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. We educate the community about the causes, symptoms, assessment and remediation of dyslexia; disseminate information about available resources; teach multi-sensory structured language instructional approaches to educators and other professionals; and collaborate with organizations working on behalf of people with dyslexia.

IDA New Hampshire’s mission is to serve as a local connection for the general public in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont as a gateway to the international community through the International Dyslexia Association regarding matters pertaining to individuals with dyslexia.

We have a passionate Board of Directors who donate their time, energy, and knowledge to promote public awareness and understanding of dyslexia and related disorders across Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

We could not do any of this work without our members and the input from all who support us.  Thank you all for your continued work with students, families and schools.  We value your input and support.


Audrey Burke

International Dyslexia Association
New Hampshire Branch



Friday, September 22, 2017 – William Van Cleave “From Words to Works: Developing Writing Skills in Students of All Ages” – We are full to capacity!

If you are attending the conference, here are a few details we wanted to share with you:

  • Please notice that this year’s conference is at the Puritan Conference Center in Manchester, NH. This is a different location from previous years.
  • There are two buildings at the Puritan. Our event will be in the conference center building on the right (south) side of the parking lot, not in the building that houses the Puritan Back Room restaurant.
  • There should be adequate parking for our registrants; however this event did sell out, so parking may be tight. If possible, please car pool with a colleague.  If you do not find a spot in the parking lot, parking is permitted on the residential streets behind the Puritan’s parking lot.
  • Please do NOT park in the adjacent business’ parking lots or you may be towed.
  • Most conference/banquet facilities have spotty HVAC systems that lead to hot or cold spots in the meeting room. In the event that is the case here, please bring a sweater or jacket that you can add/remove as needed to stay comfortable.
  • Registration opens at 8:15. Please plan to arrive then so that everyone can get checked in and have breakfast. You might even have time to take a quick look at the educational materials on display before the presentation starts.

We look forward to welcoming you to the conference Friday morning.  Safe travels!


NHIDA’s Board of Directors




Please help us spread the word about dyslexia…. feel free to share the following documents:

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